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SS Rotterdam package

Spend the weekend in a former cruise ship!

SS Rotterdam, a beautiful 4-star hotel to drop your anchor for a stay! The hotel used to be a cruise ship which traveled all over the world, that’s what makes the hotel one of a kind. It’s now permanently docked in the harbour of Rotterdam.

To make your stay as unique and memorabel as possible, we can off you this 4-day Stay at SS Rotterdam package. In this package we offer you a 3-night stay at the cruise ship. Breakfast is included, as wel as City tax. Also, the guided tours and harbour cruise Spido named in the itinerary are included in this package deal, unless we name it optional. 

This package includes the following services

  1. Fully accessible stay at SS Rotterdam, including breakfast (3 nights)
  2. Guided tour on SS Rotterdam
  3. Walking guided tour from SS Rotterdam to Hotel New York 
  4. Guided tour at Hotel New York
  5. Harbour Cruise Spido
  6. Optional: add another activity to your stay

Detailed Itinerary   

Day 1.

Arrive at SS Rotterdam by Westcord and check in to your pre-booked accessible room. Drop off your luggage in your hotel room. Get comfortable and discover the ship!

When you're all settled, take the guided tour through the ship and learn about the history and different spaces. During this tour you will visit the impressive bow, the wheelhouse, the radio room and the captain's cabin. 

Day 2.

Wake up in your superior bedroom and enjoy your breakfast while having a great view of the skyline of Rotterdam. Go outside and take the walking tour from SS Rotterdam to Hotel New York, which is the former head office of the Holland Amerika Lijn, that created the SS Rotterdam. Join the guided tour at Hotel New York to learn more about this former head office and its guests.

You can choose to have lunch or dinner at their great restaurant, at your expense. 

After a day full of impressions, return to your hotel and remember all the things you've seen and learnt this day. Have a good night rest to be ready for the next day!

Day 3.

Start your day again with a delightful breakfast. Take the harbour cruise Spido, which will take you through the harbour of Rotterdam. During this cruise you will see the beautiful skyline of the city, spot several docked cruises and see the hypermodern transshipping of thousands of containers.

You can fill in the rest of the day yourself. You can discover the city of Rotterdam by yourself or you can book an optional tour with us.

Day 4.

Check out at the hotel after you enjoyed breakfast. This day can be spent as you wish. For example, you can spend this day to explore the surroundings of your hotel or we can organize an additional tour for you, you can find the optional tours below.

Accessible no steps Accessible restaurant or terrace Elevator Wheelchair accessible bathroom Wheelchair accessible parking Wheelchair accessible toilet 

Where will I stay?

SS Rotterdam by Westcord is a unique 4-star steam ship hotel in Rotterdam. It has full accessibility. The hotel is docked in the harbor of Rotterdam and gives a beautiful view from the deck. The hotel is easy to reach by public transport and car.

The hotel has two restaurants with beautiful views and good food. The ''Lido'' grillrestaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Restaurant ''Club Room'' serves international dishes with a french twist. Everything in this restaurant is about flavours and finesse. There are also multiple bars where you can enjoy a cocktail with small bites.

Accessibility information

The following mobility equipment can be added to the Stay at SS Rotterdam package:

  • Wheelchair
  • Mobility scooter
  • Foldable mobility scooter
  • Shower chair (with or without wheels)
  • Shower-commode chair (with or without wheels)
  • Electric hoist with slings
  • High-low care bed (only possible with specific hotels)

We can also arrange a large variety of bikes for people with limited mobility. Such as tricycles, wheelchair bikes (Veloplus or O-Pair bike) and side by side bikes.

For more information about the accessibility of the hotel, take a look at our blog about the SS Rotterdam!

How to get there?

Accessible transfers that can be included in the package:

  • From Rotterdam Airport to SS Rotterdam
  • From SS Rotterdam to Rotterdam Airport

What activities can I do?

Optional tours that can be added to Stay at SS Rotterdam:

These tours can be added on the next page (after having chosen your dates). 

Terms and conditions

  • If you send a booking form for this hotel, it's a request at first. Once we have discussed the details with you by email or telephone, we can confirm your booking.
  • We can also provide information and options for other accessible hotels.
  • Rates depend on season and availability.
  • This offer is covered by the STO Garant guarantee. You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme on STO Garant’s website (
  • Click here to read the General Terms and Conditions.

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