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Accessible Holland River Cruises with MS Viola

An unforgettable experience on the rivers through the Netherlands


A luxury cruising experience through the Netherlands and Germany with the MS Viola river cruise vessel in 2020

The completely newly renovated ship MS Viola started sailing in May 2019! This ship has 4 levels, which have all been designed with a modern and luxury look, and all facilities are wheelchair accessible. 

The cruise holiday with MS Viola includes two options; West Germany and the Netherlands. The MS-Viola is fully accessible for people with physical challenges. The luxurious looking and accessible cabins on this ship are unique and what many have been waiting for. 

The bathrooms are shared but private; it has two doors to two rooms. When a guest from one room is using the bathroom, it's automatically locked for the other room (see pictures for a better understanding). 

This River Cruise Holiday in Germany includes:

  • An accessible cabin with full board 
  • Welcoming cocktail and Captains' dinner 
  • Find more price details on the bottom of this page. 

Enjoy the breathtaking views on the Sun deck or relax in the Salon on the Panorama deck, while passing by the beautiful scenery along the Rhine and Maas.

River Cruise Departures Holland 2020

Indicate your preferred departure date when sending the booking request form. 

  • May 12 to 18, 2020 (cancelled)
  • June 22 to 28, 2020 (cancelled) 
  • July 06 to 12, 2020
  • July 20 to 26, 2020
  • Sept 15 to 21, 2020
  • Oct 19 to 25, 2020

For departures of the River Cruises on the Rhine in Germany, click here.


  • Day 1: Bonn (dock of departure in the Germany)
  • Day 2: Nijmegen (Netherlands)
  • Day 3: Gorinchem (Netherlands)
  • Day 4: Rotterdam (Netherlands)
  • Day 5: Arnhem (Netherlands)
  • Day 6: Düsseldorf (Germany)
  • Day 7: Remagen Bonn (Germany)


Accessible no steps Elevator Accessible restaurant or terrace Wheelchair accessible bathroom Wheelchair accessible room Wheelchair accessible toilet 

Where will I stay?

Accessible cabins and bathrooms

The new modern MS Viola cruise ship has 34 spacious Accessible cabins and 27 Standard cabins. The royal cabins on the ship are equipped with two electric high-low beds and accessible sanitary supplies. Shower gel, wash gel and hand soap, towels and bed sheets are available in the room. The cabins are not equipped with a private bathrooms but there’s one large fully adapted bathroom available per 2 cabins. The cabins that share the bathroom both have an entrance to the bathroom. When it is in use, the bathroom door of the other cabin will be locked automatically. 

Facilities on the ship 

The ship consists of the Lower deck, the Main deck, the Panorama deck and the Sun deck. The Standard rooms are located on the Lower deck and the Accessible rooms on the Main deck. The Panorama deck is where the salon, bar, reading lounge and dining room are situated, as well as the reception, the hairdresser and adapted toilets. The Sundeck can be reached by a spacious elevator. On the Sundeck you can find a terrace for sun lovers, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and the constantly changing views. The Sundeck is accessible for all by elevator. 

Accessibility information

Accessibility of the ship

Wheelchairs and mobility scooters are allowed on the ship and can be used at all times. Additional mobility equipment is available on the ship, including electric hoists and shower chairs.

The spaces are easily accessible with a wheelchair, as there are no steps or stairs towards these rooms. The spacious sundeck is accessible with a large elevator. The entrance of the ship is wide and has a ramp that's put down at each dock.

Care assistance and kidney dialisys

On board of the ship, there will be one doctor and two nurses. Kidney dialisys is possible along the route in Germany at certified institutions. It's also possible to make use of nightly dialisys.

How to get there?

To get to the River Cruise dock in Bonn, there are a variety of options.

  • Private (wheelchair accessible) transfer from Cologne Bonn Airport to the harbor in Bonn (Germany)
  • Private or shared transfer from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to the dock in Bonn (Germany)
  • Private or shared transfer from Eindhoven Airport (Netherlands) to the dock in Bonn (Germany)
  • Private or shared transfer from Düsseldorf Airport to the dock in Bonn (Germany)

What activities can I do?

The River Cruise ship departs and ends in Bonn and will address the following towns in Germany and the Netherlands: 

  • Nijmegen: shore excursion available, starts around 10:00 AM
  • Gorinchem: shore excursion available, starts at 02:45 PM 
  • Rotterdam: shore excursion available, starts around 01:00 AM (after lunch)
  • Arnhem: no shore excursion available
  • Düsseldorf: shore excursion available, starts around 01:00 PM (after lunch)

At each destination, apart from Arnhem, we offer the possibility to enjoy a shore excursion with a local English speaking tour guide. They take into account accessibility requirements and offer a suitable route to the centre of the towns. The cities of Nijmegen, Gorichem and Emmerich have an old infrastructure and are somewhat challenging with regards to cobble stones. However, the guides are locals and know exactly which streets are the most suitable. Also, they will know where to go for a drink, snack or a toilet break.

Description of destinations 


Bonn is a city located next to the Rhine river. The city is known for famous composer Beethoven, who was born here. Beethovens legacy can be found all over the city, for example the central Beethoven House. Other sites worth visiting are Bonn Minster, a church with a Romanesque cloister and Gothic elements, the pink-and-gold Altes Rathaus, or old city hall and Poppelsdorf Palace housing a mineralogical museum.



A walking tour through the old city center is organized.

Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands. In 2005 the city celebrated 2.000 years of existence. Several museums can be found throughout the city, such as Africa Museum (African art and culture), Museum Park Orientalis (focuses on the origin of Judaism, Christianity and Islam), Valkhof Museum (Roman and medieval history and modern art), Velorama (bicycle museum). If you book the cruise of 15-07 you will be in Nijmegen during the start of the ‘Nijmeegse vierdaagse’, which means around 40.000 people will walk distances of 30 to 50 kilometers in four days. The city will be full with celebration during this period.



A walking tour through the old city center is organized.

Gorinchem is an ancient city, which was made into a fortress in the 1600 during the eighty years war. The fortress was built  was to protect Gorinchem against the Spaniards. Even today, the fortress is the largest authentic fortress in the Netherlands!



A walking tour in which you can admire modern architecture in the city center is organized.

Rotterdam is a beautiful city which offers a large variety of activities. Many people associate the Netherlands with Amsterdam as the centre of the country. However, most business takes place in Rotterdam. The city is famous for the port and modern architecture. Rotterdam offers an amazing variety of activities. The beach can be reached by train or car in about 20 minutes!


No excursion included.

Arnhem does not include an excursion because the ship does not dock in the city centre and there is little time. It docks on a nice boulevard where you can sit along the water and enjoy a drink or two. An optional private excursion is possible. 

Arnhem has a rich past, partly reflected in a number of monumental buildings. Arnhem is close to the Veluwe which is one of Holland’s largest national parks. Recently Arnhem has opened a Foodhall, located next to the port of Arnhem.

Please note that the price currently shown does not include the shore excursions. 

MS Viola Accessible Cabin MS Viola Rotterdam by river cruise S. Stevenskerk Nijmegen Mill in Gorinchem Fort town Gorichem Markthal Rotterdam Bathroom MS Viola

Terms and conditions

  • The price of 1.140 Euros per person for the river cruise holiday includes:
    • Double use of a standard or accessible room (bathrooms are shared with one other cabin);
    • Use of mobility equipment available on the ship (electric beds, shower chairs, hoist);
    • Stay with full board per person, including dinner from the first morning until breakfast the last morning;
    • Welcoming cocktail;
    • Breakfast buffet with cold- and warm dishes;
    • Multiple course menu for lunch and dinner;
    • Afternoon tea or coffee with cake and a midnight snack;
    • Captains' reception and Captains' Dinner;
    • Entertainment (in German mostly);
    • Use of facilities on the ship;
    • SAT-Television in each cabin.
  • The price of 1.090 Euros per person for the river cruise holiday excludes:
    • Wheelchair accessible transfers from Cologne Bonn Airport to the harbor in Bonn;
    • Additional drinks besides standard served drinks for breakfast, lunch and dinner (alcoholic drinks);
    • Personal expenses such as phone costs, laundry costs and wifi costs;
    • Tips (not obligatory, but appreciated);
    • Additional mobility equipment;
    • Shore excursions;
      • These are offered on the cruise ship, but mostly with a German speaking guide;
      • If you are interested in enjoying shore excursions with an English speaking guide, these are organised by Accessible Travel Netherlands, for a minimum of 6 participants. The price per person depends on the number of inscriptions;
      • The price per person for all shore excursions (designed to be as wheelchair accessible as possible) with English speaking tour guide is € 275 per person;
      • The descriptions above at 'descriptions of destinations' explains what is included in each shore excursion;
  • Care assistants and one doctor are available on the ship and are available upon request in advance. The potential costs need still need to be determined.
  • Administration cost of 15 Euros per person.
  • 1.140 Euros is the price for early bird bookings until the 15th of December 2019.

    Type of cabin Price p.p. Early bookings Price p.p. from 15-12-2019
    Wheelchair accessible cabin
    Shared bathroom
    Double use
    Full board
    €1140,00 €1190,00

    Wheelchair accessible cabin
    Shared bathroom
    Single use
    Full board

    €1440,00 €1490,00
    Wheelchair accessible cabin
    Private bathroom
    Double use
    Full board
    €1340,00 €1390,00
    Wheelchair accessible cabin
    Private bathroom
    Single use
    Full board
    n.a. n.a.
    Standard cabin
    Shared bathroom
    Double use
    Full board
    €365,00 €390,00
    Standard cabin
    Shared bathroom
    Single use
    Full board
    €665,00 €690,00
    Standard cabin
    Private bathroom
    Double use
    Full board
    €465,00 €490,00
    Standard cabin
    Private bathroom
    Single use
    Full board
    n.a. n.a.

    Please ask for preferenced room in your booking request at 'specific requirements or remarks'.

  • This offer is covered by the STO Garant guarantee. You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme on STO Garant’s website (
  • Click here to read the General Terms and Conditions.

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Photo sources: Mooi Gorinchem, Toerisme Veluwe Arnhem Nijmegen (photographer: Jurjen Drenth)

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