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Guided tour of Amsterdam blind & visually impaired

Taste, feel, smell and hear Amsterdam

Enjoy a guided tour in the city centre of Amsterdam with a professional, English-speaking tour guide. During the tour the senses will be triggered by the senses tasting, feeling, smelling and hearing. The senses tasting and smelling are used for tasting Dutch cheese and the traditionally served fish called Haring. Apart from tasting and smelling, participants can touch and feel many objects during the tour. Objects that can be explored are small miniatures of buildings but also actual historic buildings and structures. The participants can experience the smallest alley of Amsterdam or touch the structures of the smallest house. 

Apart from tasting, smelling and feeling, the tour guide will explain about the history, art, infrastructure and inhabitants of the cities. They will explain this to give you a good idea of what the city looks like and who live in them. 

Although the tours are designed by Accessible Travel Netherlands (in cooperation with local guides), we can adjust these tours to your wishes and needs.


Type of tour Duration Price
Tour Amsterdam blind/visually impaired for 1 person 3 to 4 hours €150 (total)
Tour Amsterdam blind/visually impaired for 2 or 3 persons 3 to 4 hours €200 (total)
Tour Amsterdam blind/visually impaired for 3 or 4 persons 3 to 4 hours €50 (p.p.)


Guide dog allowed 

Accessibility information

For more inspiration for accessible activities in the Netherlands for people who are blind or visually impaired, read our blog 'Tours and activities for visually impaired'.

How to get there?

Transportation to the starting points of the tours in The Hague can be arranged. The cost for transportation is not included in the price given on the website. If the accommodation of the participants in one of these cities is centrally located, the tour guide can meet the participants at the accommodation. 

Amsterdam canals Dam Square iamsterdam sign at Mercatorplein

Terms and conditions

  • The price on the website is an indication of the cost per person. Please find the costs per person below.
  • Seeing eye dogs are allowed to join the tours.
  • Transfers to Amsterdam: not included
  • This offer is not covered by the STO Garant guarantee. You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme on STO Garant’s website (

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