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Full day tour authentic Friesland

Discover the beautiful villages of Friesland, see how people used to live, by visiting an iconic old house and discover the beautiful nature surrounded by water of the province Friesland.

 Friesland is located in the north of the Netherlands and is known for its green fields and big lakes, for authentic towns and hospitality. This day tour with private driver and guide, will give you the chance to get an indepth experience of Friesland. The guide can’t wait to explain about the famous enclosing dike, the IJsselmeer lake, which is the biggest in the Netherlands and about  the beautiful old towns. You’ll see and learn about the history of these sights. The tour guide is a true Frysian himself, and therefore expert in the history and background stories of Friesland. 

The tour will pass several authentic villages including Hindeloopen, Workum, Warns and Allingawier. At each village, you will have the opportunity to leave the car, take unique pictures and stroll around these lesser known iconic towns with characteristic alleys, buildings and museums.

Tour details

 Highlights of the tour
  • Afsluitdijk Waddencenter
  • Afsluitdijk (Enclosing dike)
  • Museum Village Allingawier
  • Lunch at restaurant Sudersee
  • Woudagemaal (steam pumping station), during the 8-hour tour
  • Characteristic villages with stories told by tourguide
 Duration of the tour
  • 8 hours
  • 10 hours
 Vehicle  Wheelchair accessible van
 Number of people  Maximum 6, including one person using a wheelchair. 
 Starting point  The tour will start at the Wadden Centre, which is situated at the Afsluitdijk. You will meet the tour guide at the Wadden Centre. The journey to the Wadden Centre is included in the duration of the tour and in the price. Your driver will meet you in the hotel and drive you to the Wadden Centre. He will stay with you during the tour and will drive you back to your hotel. 
 End location  Your hotel in Amsterdam or elsewhere in Noord-Holland




Private tour 8 hours, with private drive and tour guide  € 1095
Private tour 10 hours, with private driver and tour guide  € 1315 

The above prices are the total costs for the tours. This total cost can be divided amongst the number of participants in the private tour. The maximum number of participants, when one of the participants is using a wheelchair, is 6 people.

The price shown on top of this page is the price per person with 6 participants for the 8 hour tour.

Accessible no steps Accessible restaurant or terrace Wheelchair accessible toilet 

Accessibility information

During the excursions the guides consider the physical accessibility of the streets and museums. Only at the Waddencenter and during lunch you have the possibility to go to a wheelchair accessible toilet. All locations the guide takes you are wheelchair accessible, except for higher floors and basements in old buildings.

All excursions organized by Accessible Travel Netherlands make use of wheelchair accessible transport. The minivans are accessible for 2 to 7 people and a maximum of 3 wheelchair users.

The division of space in the private taxi is as follows:

Division of space in an accessible minivan when including people using a wheelchair:

  • 0 wheelchair users: 7 other passengers
  • 1 person with a wheelchair (needs 2 seats): 5 other passengers
  • 2 people with a wheelchair (need 4 seats): 3 other passengers
  • 3 people with a wheelchair (need 6 seats): 1 other passenger

Division of space in an accessible minivan when including people using a mobility scooter:

  • 1 person with mobility scooter (needs 3 seats): 4 other passengers
  • 2 people with a mobility scooter (needs 6 seats): 1 other passenger

Combinations of people using a wheelchair and mobility scooter is possible as well.

What activities can I do?


09:00 – Leaving your hotel in Amsterdam or surroundings

10:20 – Arriving at Afsluitdijk Waddencenter

11:20 – Leaving Afsluitdijk Waddencenter

11:35 – Arriving at Museum Village Allingawier

13:05 – Leaving Museum Village Allingawier

13:35 – Driving through Workum

13:50 – Arriving in Hindeloopen

15:10 – Leaving Hindeloopen

15:25 – Quick stop at Warns

15:50 – Driving past the harbor of Laaksum

16:00 – Driving through Mirns

16:10 – Driving through Oudemirdum

16:30 – Bathroom and coffee break

17:50 – Going back to your hotel

19:00 – Arriving at your hotel

IJsselmeerroute Friesland1 Old house, IJsselmeerroute Friesland IJsselmeerroute Friesland view on town IJsselmeerroute Friesland old church Enclosing dike bridge Enclosing dike with statue Afsluitdijk Itinerary authentic Friesland tour

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