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Full day tour to Zandvoort beach

Enjoy the long stretched beaches in The Netherlands. Use a beach- or off-road wheelchair and relax at one of the accessible restaurants.

Enjoy a fully accessible day at the beach! With this tour, you will be able to experience one of the beautiful beaches in the Netherlands.  We will select a fully accessible beach pavilion where you'll be able to breath in some fresh air, admire the views and enjoy a delicious lunch. 

This 'Full day tour to Zandvoort beach' includes: 

  • Rent of beach wheelchair (non-electric);
  • Lunch at fully accessible beach restaurant;
  • Recommendations on how to reach the beach by public transport.

The tour does not include

  • Private accessible transfers to the beach 

Please note that we can also organise this full day tour to other beaches in the Netherlands. 

Accessible restaurant or terrace 

Where will I stay?

You can combine the day trip with a couple of nights at the beach. If you send your request, you can indicate your interest for accommodation in Zandvoort aan Zee. 

Accessibility information

This 'Full day tour to Zandvoort beach' is based on the beach of Zandvoort. However, we can also arrange this beach day to take place at other beaches in the Netherlands.

Best accessible beaches in the Netherlands

  • Hoek van Holland beach (Zuid-Holland)
    • Wheelchair accessible beach restaurant called 'Beachclub Royal';
    • 'First aid' post with multiple beach wheelchairs available to rent;
    • Paved paths from the restaurants to the sea.
  • Scheveningen beach (The Hague, Zuid-Holland)
    • Wheelchair accessible beach restaurant 'De Waterreus''
    • Multiple locations to rent beach wheelchairs from, reserve in advance via Biesieklette.
    • Paved paths from the restaurants to the sea, at restaurant 'De Waterreus' and in Kijkduin.
  • Zandvoort Beach (Noord Holland);
    • Wheelchair accessible beach restaurants;
    • Mobimat towards to sea;
    • Multiple beach restaurants with availability of beach wheelchairs.
  • Texel beaches, Wadden Island (Noord-Holland);
    • At a variety of beaches on Texel, you'll find the option to rent a beach wheelchair, at beach locations Paal 9, 12, 17 and 28.
    • At beach locations 'Paal 17 and 28' you will also find paved baths to the sea.
    • Accessible restaurants and toilets can be found at beach locations 'Paal 9, 17 and 28'.

For more information about beach wheelchairs, visit the following pages.

What activities can I do?

Besides enjoying the beach, you can also enjoy the town itself. 'Zandvoort aan Zee' is located just 35 minutes by train from Amsterdam Central Station. From the train station, it's just a 5 minute stroll to the beach. At the boulevard you'll find variety of restaurants and on the beach itself, you'll find the beach pavilions. It's a typical Dutch coastal town. The coastline has modern buildings, while the centre of the town consists has more historic types of buildings and houses. 

Day at the beach Zandvoort beach Zandvoort beach wheelchairs

Terms and conditions

  • The price mentioned above does not include transport to the beach. The price depends on the location of your accommodation.
  • We can either include transfers to and from the beach, or a private driver for several hours to take you around for sightseeing in and around Zandvoort beach and the dunes.
  • The price includes a non-electric beach wheelchair. We can send a seperate proposal if you would like to include an electric beach wheelchair.
  • This offer is not covered by the STO Garant guarantee. You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme on STO Garant’s website (
  • Please note that this picture in the header of this webpage was not taken at Zandvoort beach. The picture shows a beach on the Dutch coast line, with a man using a Hippocampe beach wheelchair and a lady pushing the chair.

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