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The eAccess+ project
December 1, 2010
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The eAccess+ project

Together with the European Network for Accessible Tourism ENAT Accessible Travel NL is working on the European project eAccess+. This project works to promote, encourage and support companies, organizations and governments to improve online and digital accessibility. The project is funded by the European Commission. Many stakeholders are involved in this eAccess+ project, in order to make as many people as possible aware of the importance of online and digital accessibility. ENAT and Accessible Travel NL relate e-accessibility to four different categories within tourism:

1. User-friendly and accessible websites

Everyone should be able to use tourist websites for destinations, from tour operators of booking sites. In order to make a website accessible to all, they need to comply with a number of requirements. These guidelines can be found here.

2. User-friendly and accessible self service terminals (SST's)

Ticketing machines at train stations for example should be easy to use for everyone.

3. User-friendly and accessible mobile information systems

Think about all the apps that are being developed lately. These need to be user-friendly and everyone should be able to use them. Of course, this is a big effort, but more people will download the app if it is accessible. Also, apps are being developed that only offer content about accessibility of destinations. For example the apps Ongehinderd and

4. Tools for planning and managing accessible destinations

Offering accessible services. An accommodation should start with communication about accessibility to potential guests online. Hotel desk can use digital devices to make check-in more accessible. Safety is also an important issue at accommodations, everyone should be able to notice the alarm. Accessible Travel NL encourages destinations, companies and developers to provide accessibility for all.

For more information, visit the eAccess+ network: eAccess+ Hub

Sources: ENAT, eAccess+

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