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Terms and Conditions

Article 1. Booking request

  1. Accessible Travel Netherlands does not guarantee the prices given on the website. The prices are ‘from’ prices and give an indication of the total cost of the booking. The total cost can either turn out to be more or less. Accessible Travel Netherlands prefers to give an indication of the rate, because the majority of holidays organized by Accessible Travel Netherlands are eventually tailor made. 
  2. All rates on the website are including VAT and reservations costs, excluding administration costs. Accessible Travel Netherlands holds the right to adjust VAT according to the residency and occupancy of the client. 
  3. Accommodation rates depend on the season and the availability of rooms. These are factors that influence the rates throughout the year. 
  4. Accommodation, tours, transport and assistive devices can only be guaranteed after Accessible Travel Netherlands has contacted you and confirmed the availability. 
  5. After Accessible Travel Netherlands received a request through the website or by email, a respond will be given within 72 hours. In order to proceed with the booking, a number of questions will be asked. 

Article 2. Booking agreement 

  1. A travel agreement takes places when the client confirms the travel arrangement offered by Accessible Travel Netherlands by email or telephone. After the travel agreement, the client receives a travel confirmation form. This confirmation needs to be signed and returned in order for the client to confirm the booking. After signing the agreement, the client receives the confirmation being the invoice. 
  2. As long as the confirmation has not been signed, Accessible Travel Netherlands holds the right to change the offer if necessary. Change of offer could take place due to circumstances such as change in availability, change in rates. Revocation due to miscalculation of the travel sum is allowed. 
  3. Before the confirmation, all relevant guest details and requirements need to be communicated to enable Accessible Travel Netherlands to offer a fit custom made holiday. 
  4. By signing the confirmation, the client considered flexibility regarding taxi arrangements made by Accessible Travel Netherlands. A flexibility of 15 minutes regarding the taxi arrival time is required considering delays caused by traffic, road works and locating the address. 

Article 3. Guarantee arranged / STO Garant

STO logo

  1. The combination of travel services offered to you constitutes a travel package within the meaning of the Package Travel Directive (EU) 2015/2302 [if a travel package is involved]. This means that you are entitled to make claims under all EU legislation applying to travel packages.

  2. In order to meet its statutory obligation to provide a guarantee, Accessible Travel Netherlands uses STO Garant for all travel packages. STO Garant is a recognised guarantee scheme. It consists of an escrow account in which your payment is held until your trip has come to an end. As the traveller, you do not pay Accessible Travel Netherlands but instead pay the booking sum into the escrow account belonging to Stichting Derdengelden Certo Escrow, a payment service provider registered with the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) and the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). Stichting Derdengelden Certo Escrow processes all payments on behalf of STO Garant.

  3. The booking payment is released to Accessible Travel Netherlands by the escrow account the day after your trip has come to an end. If Accessible Travel Netherlands files for bankruptcy or is granted a suspension of payments before your trip comes to an end, the booking sum will be released to Stichting Take Over (STO). Depending on the situation, STO will then ensure that the booking sum is refunded to you, that you are able to continue on your trip, or that you are able to travel to the final destination on your journey.

  4. Accessible Travel Netherlands has therefore protected itself against insolvency through STO Garant. If services are not provided by Accessible Travel Netherlands due to insolvency, travellers can contact STO Garant, which has its offices at Torenallee 20, 5617 BC Eindhoven, Netherlands, by sending an email to or by calling +31 (0)85 13 02 943.

  5. Procedure: You will receive an email from STO Garant ( containing information about how you can pay for your booking. The full booking sum must be paid into the escrow account before the trip commences. This applies to all bookings 

  6. STO Travel Guarantee is applicable for the following services:
    1. A travel package that includes one hotel night and transfers and / or tours and / or mobility equipment.
    2. A travel package that takes at least 24 hours, but does not include accommodation. For example a combination of guided tours and transfers or activities or mobility equipment. 
  7. Services that are not covered by the STO Travel Guarantee are single services including;
    1. mobility equipment- or bike hire
    2. one or multiple transfers
    3. canal cruises
    4. tours or activities that take less than 24 hours. 

Article 4. Payment 

After confirmation of the travel agreement, a prepayment of 15% is required before the date stated on the invoice. If both parties agree, a prepayment of 100% can be made after confirmation. 

  1. In case of a prepayment of 15%, the remaining 85% needs to be paid 6 weeks upon departure of the traveller to the Netherlands, unless requested otherwise by email or on the invoice as a result of payment conditions required by the accommodation supplier. In that case, payment of the final amount can be required in an earlier stage. In case the payment is not received before the date stated on the invoice, Accessible Travel Netherlands holds the right to cancel to booking. Cancellation costs will be for account of the client. 
  2. In case the agreement is confirmed within 6 weeks upon departure of the client to the Netherlands, the total travel cost needs to be paid before the date stated on the invoice. 
  3. International bank and Paypal payments are accepted. Cash payments are not accepted. 

Article 5. Change of booking

  1. Changes in bookings can be requested after the confirmation and 6 weeks before departure of the guests to the Netherlands. The changes will be processed if possible. In case of altering travel costs, the client needs to pay the difference between the yet invoiced travel cost and the remaining travel cost. Beside the actual cost, modification costs are € 50, - including communication costs. Postponement of the departure date or decrease of the number of travelers will be considered as a cancellation for which article 5 is applicable. 
  2. Up to 48 hours before departure of the client to the Netherlands, it is allowed to change the names of the travelers. Accessible Travel Netherlands is not responsible for any circumstances regarding Visa applications, flight details and other transport which is not arranged by Accessible Travel Netherlands. 

Article 6. Cancellation policy

  1. With regards to confirmed, paid or partly paid bookings of tours, transportation, and travel packages (a combination of services) the following conditions are applicable:
    1. Cancellation 42 days (6 weeks) or more before the day of arrival: 15% of the confirmed price with a minimum of €50,-.
    2. Cancellation between the 42th day and the 28th day (4 weeks) before the day of arrival: 20% of the confirmed price with a minimum of €50,-. 
    3. Cancellation between the 28th day and the 14th day (2 weeks) before the day of arrival: 30% of the confirmed price with a minimum of €100,-.
    4. Cancellation between the 14th day and 72 hours before the day of arrival: 50% of the confirmed price with a minimum of €150,-.
    5. Cancellation after 72 hours and 48 hours before the day of arrival: 75% of the confirmed price with a minimum of €150,-. 
    6. Cancellation after 48 hours before the day of arrival or on the day of arrival: 100% of the confirmed price with a minimum of €150,-. 

This is our strict policy, however, we are willing to reconsider cancellation costs in case it concerns a medical condition or health issue. In order to reconsider cancelation costs a solid explanation or medical document will be required. Latest cancellation for which we will reconsider cancellation costs needs to be written by email to latest 96 hours in advance (4 days).

  1. With regards to confirmed, paid or partly paid bookings of mobility equipment only, adjusted terms and conditions are applicable. These conditions are outlined on each invoice of mobility equipment that’s booked as a single service including or excluding the transportation of the mobility equipment. The terms and conditions are as follows; 
    1. A request can be cancelled up to 72 hours in advance on workdays (Monday to Friday 09:00 - 16:30 hrs). The cancellation cost is €30,-.
    2. If a request is cancelled after 72 hours before the day of delivery, the above invoiced and paid costs can not be refunded. 
    3. Reservations can be cancelled by telephone, but should always be confirmed by sending an email to
    4. The customer needs to inform the accommodation about the delivery, in order to make sure the accommodation will accept the mobility equipment when it is delivered. If the accommodation is not informed and does not accept the mobility equipment, the applicable, agreed on and paid cost for the mobility equipment can not be refunded. 
    5. Please take into account that the delivery times of mobility equipment can not be guaranteed as a result of delay of drivers caused by traffic or other deliveries. If a delivery does not take place within the time slot as agreed (09:00 - 11:00, 11:00 - 14:00, 14:00 - 18:00), please inform us immediately, so we can contact the supplier. We can not provide any refunds in case of delayed delivery. 
    6. In case of the rent of a mobility scooter, the rental agreement includes a third party insurance. Damages to others caused by the mobility scooter with the driver as contracted, is covered by the insurance. Damage to the mobility scooter and theft are not covered by the insurance. As such, the contracted customer is responsible for the costs as result of damage or theft. The customer might be requested to fill out a credit card authorization form for the guarantee of the mobility scooter. 

Article 7. Liability and superior circumstances 

  1. If the holiday does not correspond with the in Article 2 agreed expectations, the travelers is obliged to communicate this to Accessible Travel Netherlands as soon as possible. 
  2. If the holiday does not correspond with the in Article 2 agreed upon expectations, Accessible Travel Netherlands is obliged to compensate costs, unless Accessible Travel Netherlands nor the service provider who’s services were used according to the agreement, can not be held responsible because:
    1. the shortcoming of implementation as agreed is a result of actions of the traveler; or
    2. the shortcoming of implementation as agreed is a result of actions by a third party, who’s services or actions were not included in the agreement; or
    3. the shortcoming of implementation as agreed is a result of superior circumstances as mentioned in Article 6.3. 
  3. Accessible Travel Netherlands can not be held responsible for the damage caused as a result of below stated situations: 
    1. war, danger through war, quarantine, commotion, deeds of sabotage, strike, denial, crime, boycotting, scarcity of goods, malfunctioning communication devices, malfunctioning transportation devices, delays of public transport, delays of taxi’s due to traffic;
    2. community dislocation as a consequence of natural disasters or severe accidents;
    3. mistakes by third parties or non-implemented agreements by third parties if these third parties are not employed with Accessible Travel Netherlands or used by Accessible Travel Netherlands to fulfill the agreement;
  4. Accessible Travel Netherlands is not liable for damages which the common travel- and cancellation insurance cover for. Neither is Accessible Travel Netherlands liable for damages that are excluded according to the written or non-written International Rights. 
  5. The liability of Accessible Travel Netherlands per traveler in case of death, physical or psychologic injury of the traveler during holiday period stated in the agreement, will never be higher than the travel sum per person. 
  6. The liability for all other damages per person shall never be higher than 50% of the travel sum per person. 
  7. Accessible Travel Netherlands is never liable for loss or damage to luggage and travel documents. 

Article 8. Complaints 

  1. A shortcoming of implementation as agreed needs to be communicated as soon as possible with the involved service provider, to enable the party to come up with a proper solution. In case the shortcoming can not be solved and decreases the quality of the holiday, the booking agency needs to get informed or if this party can not be reached, Accessible Travel Netherlands. If appears that the traveler did not communicate the shortcoming and Accessible Travel Netherlands was therefore not able to solve the shortcoming, the right for reimbursement shall be limited or excluded. 
  2. In case a complaint is not solved properly according to the client, this needs to be indicated to Accessible Travel Netherlands within a month by e-mail or letter and with proper arguments. 
  3. For all arguments between Accessible Travel Netherlands and the client, the Dutch rights are applicable. 

Article 9. Transport agreements

  1. A flexibility of 15 minutes regarding the taxi arrival time is required considering delays caused by traffic, road works and locating the address.
  2. If the travelers are not waiting at the agreed upon pick-up location or are not in time, the taxi company charges a waiting fee of €40,- an hour. The waiting fee will be invoiced to the client, if the waiting fee is a result of a mistake by the traveler. 

Article 10. Resignation or changes by Accessible Travel Netherlands 

  1. Accessible Travel Netherlands has the right to cancel the agreement due to noteworthy circumstances. Noteworthy circumstances include circumstances of such nature that further commitment to the agreement can not be considered reasonable. 
  2. In case of severe local circumstances of the area or other related circumstances, Accessible Travel Netherlands holds the right to change elements of the booking, for example the travel route, the travel scheme, transport and accommodation, arrival and departure location, the times and order in which excursions are scheduled. Other circumstances are understood to be the situations stated in Article 6, issue 3 a and b. Changes in travel schedules due to severe weather circumstances are also included in this article. 
  3. In case of change in travel agreements, Accessible Travel Netherlands offers an alternative if possible. The alternative needs to be at least equal to the present offer. The client has the right to reject this offer within 3 days after the notification. In that case Accessible Travel Netherlands can cancel the alternative and refund the arrangements, if already paid. In case the alternative is offered from 10 days in advance, the client needs to confirm or reject within 24 hours (working day) to enable Accessible Travel Netherlands to cancel or confirm the arrangement. If no respond is received within the 24 hours, Accessible Travel Netherlands holds the right to cancel or confirm the booking and the costs made are for the clients’ account. 


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