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What to do in Low-Holland
April 9, 2015
Veroniek Maat
Veroniek Maat
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Beemster , De Rijp , Marken
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What to do in Low-Holland

Laag-Holland (Low-Holland) is the collective term for the municipalities Beemster, Waterland, Purmerend en Zeevang. These small municipalities are located in the lower part of Noord-Holland and surround the city of Amsterdam. A few towns located in these municipalities are well known for their natural and cultural heritage such as Monnickendam, Marken and Broek in Waterland. Additionally, two of the seven UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Netherlands are located in Laag-Holland, namely the Beemster (1999) and Stelling van Amsterdam (1996).

VVV Laag-Holland (Tourist office Laag-Holland) developed a Dutch brochure with information about accessibility of restaurants, sites of interest and accommodation for people with limited mobility. The guide is written in Dutch, not in English, but below are some of the great suggestions given:

Accessible restaurants and sites of interest in Purmerend

Accessible restaurants and sites of interest in Beemster

Accessible restaurants and sites of interest in Zeevang

‚ÄčAccessible restaurants and sites of interest in Waterland

Day trip to Laag-Holland

For tours to Laag-Holland, send a request for a Day trip to Noord-Holland (also covers Laag-Holland) and we can formulate a custom made tour for you.

Source: Brochure Laag-Holland.

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Half day tour Volendam and Zaanse Schans

Half day tour Volendam and Zaanse Schans

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