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Using a mobility scooter in Amsterdam public transport
February 25, 2019
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Using a mobility scooter in Amsterdam public transport

We receive many questions about using a mobility scooter in Amsterdam. This article aims to clarify the situation and the rules of the transport company GVB in Amsterdam.

Taking a mobility scooters into the tram or metro

The company that manages the public transport in Amsterdam is called GVB. People using a wheelchairs are allowed on all types of public transport; the tram, bus and metro. A selection of mobility scooters is allowed on the trams and the metros in Amsterdam under certain conditions, these conditions are explained below. Mobility scooters are not allowed on the bus.

The below picture gives an indication of which models are and which models are not allowed in the trams and metros.

Conditions for using a mobility scooter in the tram and metro

The reason that not all mobility scooters are allowed is safety and space. The trams have ramps that need to be put down by the conductor. If someone with a large mobility scooter would want to drive into the tram, the turning circle would be to small. Additionally, the large scooter would block other people entering the tram and it would block the pathways in the tram.

Videos about using public transport in Amsterdam

The website of GVB provides a number of videos on how to enter the tram, bus and metro with a wheelchair, electric wheelchair or mobility scooter. Unfortunately, it’s only available in Dutch. The link of the page:

Accessible tram stops in Amsterdam

Some tram stops in Amsterdam are accessible with wheelchair, electric wheelchair or mobility scooter and some stops are not accessible. In the next paragraph you can easily find which tram stops in the city centre are accessible and which are not.

All metro stops are easily accessible with wheelchair, electric wheelchair or mobility scooter. The metro platforms can be reached by elevator and the platforms are on the same level as the metro entrances. For more information about the metro and tram lines and ticket costs, visit the page:

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Photo source banner: Image by Swaasfotografie on Pixabay

Photo source: GVB

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