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Dutch Accessible Cruise Terminals
July 24, 2019
Veroniek Maat
Veroniek Maat
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Amsterdam , Rotterdam
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Dutch Accessible Cruise Terminals

When you’re traveling with a cruise, it is always good to know what to expect at the port of arrival. In the Netherlands, there are two big accessible ports for docking international cruise ships: Cruise Terminal Rotterdam and Passenger Terminal Amsterdam. We will give you an insight on what to expect when arriving at these ports. We will also give you some background information about these ports to get to know these historical Dutch heritage sites.

Cruise Terminal Rotterdam

Cruise Terminal Rotterdam is located on the Wilhelmina pier at de Kop van Zuid. It is right in the city center and next to the vibrant beautiful Hotel New York. This historical departure- and arrival hall used to be the place where steamships left to bring hundreds of thousands of travelers to New York. Nowadays this is the port where international cruise ships dock.

The industrial heritage is adjusted to requirements of modern time and has been used as a location for parties, congresses, and fairs for decades. The building has a unique look because of its arch construction with big walls of glass.

The Cruise Terminal Rotterdam can easily be reached with public transport, such as metro and bus, of which the stops are within close proximity from the Cruise Terminal (250 meters). These public transport options are wheelchair accessible, however, we recommend to use the modern metro. It is a 4 minute walk to the closest metro. When leaving Cruise Terminal Rotterdam, turn left and go straight ahead until you see the metro entrance. The metro platforms can be reached by elevator.

There is also a (paid) parking area next to the building and a large taxi stop.

Shore excursions Rotterdam

Shore excursions in Rotterdam are a great option and start in front of the terminal or from the parking lot next to it. You could either book a walking / rolling tour from the Rotterdam Cruise Terminal or a driving tour.

If you have not booked your tour yet, you can book your accessible shore excursion with Accessible Travel Netherlands. We offer wheelchair accessible shore excursions in Rotterdam.

Click below for the excursion you would like to see

Harbour Cruise Rotterdam

Guided Tour Rotterdam and Harbour Cruise

Driving Tour The Hague and Kinderdijk

Custom tours are a possibility too.

Passenger Terminal Amsterdam

Passenger Terminal Amsterdam is located next to river IJ, in the city center of the Capital of the Netherlands. At this extraordinary building, many cruise ships are welcomed on an annual basis. The wave-shaped roof, of PTA symbolizes the connection between land and sea. Under this roof 300.000 passengers are yearly welcomed to visit the capital of the Netherlands.

The building is also used for several events with a phenomenal view over the river IJ and the city center. The Passenger Terminal Amsterdam is the ideal location for events. The transparent and open character of the location gives events a beautiful décor.

The building contains 3 levels, the Main Deck, the Promenade Deck, and the Panorama Deck. The building contains an elevator and an escalator to access these levels. The terminal is the ideal start for a visit to Amsterdam because of its central location and public transport within walking distance. The building also offers good parking options.

When visiting the Netherlands by cruise line, you often have little time to explore the destination and it is smart to arrange transport, tours, and possibly accommodation in advance. Especially if you have limited mobility and are using a wheelchair or mobility scooter. It's much more convenient to arrange everything upfront.

Excursions Amsterdam

Excursions in Amsterdam are a great way to start, or to combine with, your visit to the Netherlands. You could either book a walking / rolling city tour or a driving tour from the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam.

If you have not booked your tour yet, you can book your accessible excursion with Accessible Travel Netherlands. We offer wheelchair accessible excursions in Amsterdam.

Click below for the excursion you would like to see

Amsterdam History of the city walking tour

Canal Cruise Amsterdam

Driving tour Noord-Holland: Beemster

Guided bike tour Amsterdam

Tour to Keukenhof Flower Gardens

Services we offer at both ports

For people with disabilities arriving by cruise or ferry in the Netherlands we arrange for:

Email to for more information.

Picture source: Rotterdam Partners

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