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Blue Badge parking in the Netherlands
December 23, 2015
Veroniek Maat
Veroniek Maat
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Blue Badge parking in the Netherlands

In this article, we explain how you can park in Amsterdam with a disability parking card. If you have a European Disability Parking Card, you can use this in the Netherlands for your temporary visit. With this card you are allowed to park on parking spaces reserved for card holders only, but not on a parking space that is marked with someone's name or licence plate number.

You can find more information about parking in the Netherlands on the website of the Amsterdam City Councill.


Using a Disability Parking Card from Outside the EU

There's very little information available about parking in the Netherlands with a Disability Parking Card from outside the EU. However, the website of Amsterdam City Council states the following in Dutch.

"If you have a disability parking card from outside of the EU that shows a wheelchair symbol, you can use this card in the Netherlands" (, retrieved on 25-02-19).

This text is translated from Dutch. The webpage about parking on is also available in English, but this specific information is not translated to English.

Disability parking in Amsterdam

P+R parking-lot Sloterdijk

The parking P+R Sloterdijk is the best solution for parking vans that are higher than 200 cm. This is an outside parking with many parking spots. The price is €8,- per day with a maximum of 96 hours. Metro 50, which is wheelchair accessible, goes to Waterlooplein in the city centre of Amsterdam.

Q-Park Amsterdam

In Amsterdam there are multiple Q-park parking lots. Inside these parking lots, there are number of disability parking spots. The most central parking lots are Q-Park Museumplein, Q-Park Byzantium, Q-Park Europarking and Q-Park Nieuwendijk.

For more information about parking lots, you can visit the website of


Disabled parking spots in Amsterdam

You can find an overview of all the disabled parking spots in Amsterdamon the website of the Amsterdam City Council. You can park on these spots with your European Disability Parking Card. You won't be able to park everywhere for free.


Regular parking prices per zone

There's also a map of Amsterdam that shows the prices for regular parking per zone / district. You can find this map on the website of the Amsterdam City Council. This page is only available in English.


Safety of parking

In Amsterdam it’s safe to park on the streets. To make sure, you can take your important things with you and you can open your dashboard closet showing that it’s empty and nothing interesting can be found in the car.

Photo by: Bogdan Mikulski on Flickr

Updated: february 2019

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