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Beach wheelchairs brochure
June 13, 2014
Veroniek Maat
Veroniek Maat
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IJmuiden , Scheveningen , Terschelling
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Beach wheelchairs brochure

In June 2014 the brochure ‘Beach wheelchairs along the Dutch coast’ was published. The guide includes information about the accessibility of the Dutch beaches. It shows which restaurants are barrierfree and have adapted toilets. The information makes it easier to take that trip to the beach! The guide also lists the locations where beach wheelchairs are available. A variety of beach- and offroad wheelchairs are availble along the coast.

Beach wheelchairs

Most beach restaurants have a Jutter chair available, these colorful chairs have big balloon like tires and are comfortable with thick cushions. Another type is the Wombat, the seat of this chair is lower towards the ground, but furthermore similar to the Jutter. The Hippocampe is the newest model available in the Netherlands and other countries. The seat of this model is low to the ground and you can rest your feet in front of you. Two types of Hippocampe chairs are available, one with balloon like tires and one with wheelchair tires. Both chairs allow you to go into the water, but the chair with the balloon tires lets you float in the water.

Electric beach wheelchairs

Another type of beach or off-road wheelchairs are the electric ones. One of them is the Cadweazle with you can transfer into and drive yourself. On the Wadden Island Texel they have Cadweazles on solar power! The second electric chair is the Action Trackchair, this is an off-road chair that can be used on all kinds of soil. A third model is the Scoutcrawler, which is a caterpillar platform. This model will soon be available at Biesieklette Strandweg Haven at Scheveningen beach!

In the Dutch brochure ’Strandrolstoelen aan de Nederlandse kust’ (translation: ’Beach wheelchairs along the Dutch Coast’) you can find all the addresses of beach wheelchair rental locations in the Netherlands.


View or download the beach wheelchair guide via this link:


One or multiple brochures can also be send by post, we only charge the forwarding-charges. Would you like to receive brochures? Email to


Are you considering to buy a beach wheelchair, have a look on the following websites:

Hippocampe vrijetijdsrolstoel:

Jutter en Wombat:

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