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Accessible toilets in Amsterdam
June 30, 2017
Szandra Koroknai
Szandra Koroknai
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Accessible toilets in Amsterdam

When nature calls while discovering the busy city of Amsterdam, it comes in handy to know where to find an adapted toilet nearby. This guide gives you a helping hand in this matter.

Where: Plantage neighborhood

An elegant and green neighborhood at the east side of the city center. The famous city zoo, Artis and the city’s botanical gardens are located in this area.

Adapted toilets are available in:

Immerse in the world of diamonds with a free guided tour.

The oldest flea market in the Netherlands, open 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday.

A grand synagogue of the 17th centruy.

A museum that focuses on the jewish history, religion and culture.

A botanical garden in Amsterdam with greenhouses and exotic plants.

Where: The port of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Noord

This area includes the seaport of Amsterdam close to the Central Station and Amsterdam Noord that can be visited by a free ferry that leaves from Central Station in every few minutes.

Adapted toilets are available in:

A restaurant above the library of Amsterdam with a nice view, only 10 minutes from the Central Station.

A museum dedicated to the maritime history.

Italian restaurant with delicious pasta or pizza choices on the menu.

There is an adapted toilet at the lobby of this hotel as well as at the Skylounge. It is an elegant rooftop restaurant and bar with a huge terrace, providing a breathtaking view over Amsterdam.

A museum for the film history and cinema. There is a dining option too.

Where: The old city center

The visitors of Amsterdam start their city tour usually from Central Station, walking south on the streets of Damrak and Rokin. The east- and west-side of Damrak-Rokin cover the attractions of the old center.

Adapted toilets are available in:

This restaurant can be found just outside of the Central Station next to the IAmsterdam Visitors Centre.

A cozy restaurant in a historical building at the Nieuwemarkt.

Shopping Center with many famous brands.

The museum introduces the history of Amsterdam and also has a restaurant with a nice terrace. The adapted toilet can be found at the restaurant.

A restaurant with different cuisines and a pretty view.

Where: The Amsterdam Canal District

The 4 main canals of the city can be found in this neighborhood: Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht.

Adapted toilets are available in:

Restaurant in a beautiful historical building.

You can test your luck in this popular casino of Amsterdam.

A Dutch national museum of art and history.

A historical building with a treasure room and old city archives to discover.

Discover the history of bags and purses in this special museum. World’s biggest in its kind!

If you want to check these places on a map, you can do so in this booklet.

Photo: Michael Coghlan

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