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River Cruise Holidays 1 - 2nd of September 2018

Sail on the rivers of the Netherlands and visit one beautiful historic town each day.

​Accessible River Cruise Holidays are celebrating a big success in the Netherlands. We offer 2 full board River Cruise packages for 2018 that allow you to discover Holland on a ship equipped with full accessibility. 

Route River Cruise Sept 2nd to 7th, 2018

Arnhem - Nijmegen - Dordrecht - Zaandam - Kampen - Hasselt 


Accessible no steps Elevator Accessible restaurant or terrace Wheelchair accessible bathroom Wheelchair accessible room Wheelchair accessible toilet 

Accessibility information

The modern PWA river cruise ship has 25 spacious accessible cabins and 23 cabins for co-travellers and assistants. The cabins on the ship are equipped with two electric high-low beds, a wash basin, a television, an alarm system and plenty of closet space. The cabins are not equipped with private bathrooms but there’s one large fully adapted bathroom available per 3 cabins. The bathrooms have step-free (wheel-in) showers, toilets with support rails on both sides and lowered wash basins. The wide sundeck is accessible with a large elevator that is spacious enough for a care bed. The entrance of the ship is wide and has a ramp. Furthermore, the river cruise ship has a bar and restaurant.

Wheelchairs and mobility scooters are allowed on the ship and can be used at all times. Additional mobility equipment can be delivered on the ship such as a hoist, a shower commode chair or other equipment.

People that can provide care assistance are available on the ship.

What activities can I do?

The River Cruises will sail on the rivers of the Netherlands and visit a beautiful historic town each day. In all towns, you'll explore the destination with a local knowledgeable tour guide. After the guided tour, you'll have time to explore the location by yourself. Enjoy a fresh beer, a hot coffee or a sweet pastry. You'll be expected on the ship around 17:30 for dinner begin served at 18:00 hrs. 


The cruise ship View from the ship Adapted toilet on board Fascinating views of the Netherlands

Terms and conditions

  • The price per person varies and depends on the number of participants for this holiday.
  • The price is based on full-pension.
  • The prices are based on occupation of two persons in one room.
  • An English-speaking tour leader will be on the ship on assist you and lead the tour excursions.
  • The price is excluding the transfer to the river cruise dock in Utrecht and excluding the river cruise dock in Meppel. These prices can be provided based on the type of vehicle needed for the specific number of people.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How much does this trip cost?

A: The price is €1353,- per person including full board and the excursions. The transfers from and to the River Cruise harbors are not included, as the costs depend on the type of vehicle that's booked for you and your co-travellers.

Q: What are the costs for a companion or carer to join?

A: There is no set price; please send your request and we' can send you the pricing and more details.

Q: What is included in the price?

A: The price covers full board, coffee, tea and pastries during the day, excursions in all towns that are visited. Care assistance is included as well, we can discuss the required assistance during the booking process and this can be arranged in advance. There are volunteers and professional care takers present on the ship.

Q: I do not want to share my bathroom with others. What are my options?

A: The ship has one spacious and fully accessible bathroom per three cabins. The bathrooms will be appointed to specific passengers, so you or the ship manager can discuss a schedule with your co-bathroom users if you wish. The bathrooms have been built as seperate bathrooms in order to have bigger cabins and bigger accessible bathrooms. With regards to toilets, there are four additional accessible toilets on the main deck. Here is a remark from one of the travellers who participated the last river cruise holiday: “There are literally so many bathrooms it was not a problem ever. The 1 per 3 is for large bathrooms with showers. There are 4 other bathrooms on the main floor above the cabins :) My hubs and I went in April.”

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