Cheese market Alkmaar

Cheese market Alkmaar

Cheese carriers in Alkmaar

Cheese carriers in Alkmaar

Cheese carrier in Alkmaar

Cheese carrier in Alkmaar

Guided accessible tour of Alkmaar

Discover the beautiful historic city of Alkmaar during a 3-hour guided tour. You'll visit the Cheese Museum and learn about the stories behind the walls of the typical canal houses.



The beautiful provincial town Alkmaar is known for her traditional cheese market. Take a guided tour of this beautiful city with lovely canal houses, stunning waterways, and notable buildings. One example of a stunning historic building is the Waag, which is an old weight house on the Waagplein.

Description of 4-hour Guided Tour of Alkmaar

Our guided tour will take you through the Historic City center of Alkmaar. During the tour, you will visit the magnificent Waagplein (Waag Square). The Waagplein is the square where the cheese market has been organized for years. Every Friday morning from April until September, you can see cheese carriers run in there traditional clothes while carrying barrows with cheeses from and to the Waag. Aftward, the tour will also take you other famous locations as the Alkmaar cheese museum, ‘Accijnstoren’, Wildemanshofje, and the St. Lawrence church.

Next to the cheese, the city is also known for being one of the top shopping cities in the Netherlands. The large variety of shops that are located in historic buildings make it a great experience. Cheese, shopping, what else do you want? Well, Alkmaar also has some great museums! The Holland Cheese Museum, the Stedelijk Museum where you can learn about the history of Alkmaar, Beer Museum de Boom and the Beatles Museum. 

Accessibility information

During this tour, the tour guide will choose a wheelchair accessible route through the city. All the venues that are visited during the tour, have accessible entrances. The locations have been checked for accessibility for wheelchair users by Accessible Travel Netherlands.

Some wheelchair accessible restaurants in Alkmaar:

Restaurant Lounge Mij

Restaurant Zegels

Grand Café Koekenbier

Restaurant Vito

Some wheelchair accessible museums in Alkmaar:

Hollands Kaasmuseum (cheese museum)

Nationaal Biermuseum De Boom (beer museum)

Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar

Transport information

From Amsterdam Central Station, the wheelchair accessible trains depart four times an hour and will get you to Alkmaar in 35 minutes. It's important to note, that the train is only accessible via a ramp and you need to inform NS at least one hour before departure for further assistance

If you prefer to travel to Alkmaar by private accessible taxi, we can pre-book a taxi van to collect you at the hotel. The journey takes about 40 minutes to bring you from your accommodation in Amsterdam to Gouda.

Terms and conditions

The price for our Accessible Guided Tour in Alkmaar is €200,- for groups up to 10 people. Based on 10 participants, the price per person is €20,-.

Cheese Market Alkmaar by Manuel | MC on flickr


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