Gouda cheese market 2

Gouda cheese market 2

Gouda cheese market

Gouda cheese market

Gouda Town hall

Gouda Town hall

Cheese merchant in Gouda

Cheese merchant in Gouda

Guided accessible tour of Gouda

A guided tour throughout the medieval city center of Gouda.

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Gouda has a lot more to offer than its famous cheeses. Just like Amsterdam, Gouda has a lot of architecture that reminds us of the Golden Age Era back in the 17th century. This era is best known for the wealth it brought to Amsterdam and the surrounding cities. In Gouda, you will find interesting museums and beautiful buildings all with their own story. The Sint Jans Church is the longest church in The Netherlands and is famous for its stunning stain-in-glass windows. And, of course, the cheese market is free to visit every Thursday morning (10:00 - 13:00) from April to August.

Description of 3-hour Guided Tour of Gouda

A professional tour guide will take you around the city and its highlights. The tour starts at the former Chocolate Factory that now hosts a library, café, and cultural meeting place. You will already learn about the history of the city before you start the actual walking tour. The guide will take you along the bust of Erasmus, a hidden courtyard, the Gouda Museum, the Sint Jans Church, and a traditional syrup waffle (stroopwafel) bakery. Lunch in a wheelchair accessible restaurant can be included on request. 

Additional options to include before or after the guided tour: 

Accessibility information

During this tour, the tour guide will choose a wheelchair accessible route through the city. All the venues that are visited during the tour, have accessible entrances. The locations have been checked for accessibility for wheelchair users by Accessible Travel Netherlands.

Transport information

From Amsterdam Central Station, the wheelchair accessible Sprinter trains depart two times an hour and will get you to Gouda in 50 minutes.

If you prefer to travel to Gouda by private accessible taxi, we can prebook a taxi van to collect you at the hotel. The journeys takes 1 hour to bring you from your accommodation in Amsterdam to Gouda.

Terms and conditions

The price for our Accessible Guided Tour in Gouda is €200,- for groups up to 10 people. Based on 10 participants, the price per person is €20,-.

Cheese Merchant by Rebecca Siegel from Flickr

Gouda city hall by Sander van der Wel from Flickr

Gouda cheese market 1 by Bertknot from Flickr

Gouda cheese market 2 by Bertknot from Flickr


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