O-Pair bike

O-Pair bike

Wheelchair bike at Museum Square

Wheelchair bike at Museum Square

Rent special needs bikes

When in Amsterdam everyone wants to try to ride a bicycle, just like the locals. We offer bikes for everyone!

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Amsterdam is famous for biking and we want to give everyone the opportunity to explore the city by bike. Move through the city like the locals do! 

We offer the following adapted bikes:

Fun2Go bike - side by side 

This bike has two seats. One person is obliged to cycle and the other can just sit and enjoy Amsterdam or cycle along. This bikes allows people with less mobility to see the city from a bike, but is also suitable for people that are blind or have a visual impairment and for people that are deaf or hard of hearing. 

Fun2go bike

O-Pair bike - seat in front

This wheelchair bike is a double bike with a comfortable suspension chair in front of the steering wheel. The big advantage is that the front is easily disconnected from the bicycle part, so it can be used as a wheelchair on location. Several ‘tubs’ are placed on the front to meet the specific requirements of the users. With the help of optional power assistance, cycling will be even easier on this modern designed wheelchair bike. 

O-Pair bike

VeloPlus electric bike - wheelchair platform

This transporter bike is especially suited for wheelchair users who remain seated in their wheelchairs while riding. Convenient tilt ramp allows the user to easily reverse onto the wheelchair bike. With easy and safe locking the wheelchair transporter is quickly ready to use. The special construction ensures stable handling and comfortable cycling. A wide variety of wheelchairs fit onto the Velo Plus, making this wheelchair bike well suited for homes or institutions. 

Veloplus electric bike


This bike for adults has 2 wheels in the front and one on the back. For people that have difficulties with balance, this bike is perfect. It has a low frame to make it easier to get on the bike. 



The handbike has a seat low to the ground and is moved by hand. 



The above picture does not represent the exact hand bike available.


The Firefly is an electric handbike that can be attached to your wheelchair. Go twice as fast and twice as far! You can rent the Firefly with a wheelchair or you can attach the Firefly to your own wheelchair. The mechanics will help you attach it to your chair. 

Firefly bike

Tandem bike

Want to share the cycling adventure? Rent a tandem! 

Tandem bike

Regular bikes & accessoires 

Of course we also rent different types of regular bikes. For your kids there are childrens bikes and bicycle child seats available. 

Photo sources: Van Raam and Starbikes Rental.


You can also book a bike tour in Amsterdam with local guide and with adapted bikes. Interested? Read more on Guided bike tour in Amsterdam

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Bike rental upon request. Provide credit card for guarantee at the bike rental.


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