Beach wheelchairs brochure

2016-02-23 by Veroniek Maat

Just a small group of people know about the existence of beach wheelchairs, a wheelchair with thick and strong tires that makes it easy to wheel on the beach. People knowing about the existence of the beach wheelchairs are mostly the users themselves, family, friends and owners of beach wheelchairs.

To make the beach wheelchair a bit more famous and to inform and encourage people with disabilities to go to the beach, Accessible Travel Netherlands developed an online brochure called 'Beach wheelchairs along the Dutch coast'. The Dutch version is available on this website.

The first version was developed in 2012 and recently the brochure has been updated (June, 2014) and published in cooperation with Nationale Vereniging De Zonnebloem.

The online-brochure includes:

Read more about this brochure in the blog post about the brochure.

Download the brochure about beach wheelchairs here:

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