Guideline to accessibility in the Netherlands

Guideline to accessibility in the Netherlands

2017-03-28 by Szandra Koroknai

Ensuring a carefree stay for you, this article provides an overview of information about accessible travel in the Netherlands.

Travelling by train

Travelling by train is a popular way of transport in the Netherlands. The Dutch Railways (NS) finds it essential to make travelling by train accessible for all customers. Therefore, most trains have an entrance for a wheelchair and enough space inside. The employees of NS can provide mobile ramps to install at the entrance of the train that help you to get inside. It is possible to arrange a journey assistant to help at the train station or even join the trip. For mobile ramps or asking for an assistant, it is advised to contact the NS at least 3 hours prior departure. The train stations are made accessible with elevators, ramps and tactile guide lines. The departure times are listed on electronic notice boards and in most cities, you will find a service desk with people who can provide you with information at all times. You can purchase your ticket at one of the ticket machines at the train station or at the NS service desk.

Contact details
To request assistance during the train journey you can call the NS Service desk for access needs 24/7:

Read more about getting around in the Netherlands by train.

Travelling by tram

If people are not cycling in Amsterdam, they take the tram. The tram is a convenient, fast and save transport method. From Amsterdam Central Station, many trams depart to other parts of the city. The GVB (public transport company) is increasing its accessibility, for people with disabilities, people with less mobility, people with baby buggies and people with heavy bags. New buses and trams increasingly have entrances on street level and space for wheelchairs and baby buggies. Older trams are less accessible for people in a wheelchair and other users that need better access. The older trams that are accessible have a ITS symbol at the accessible entrance. ITS is the International Accessibility Symbol. Most trams go every 10 to 15 minutes. In the evenings, the trams go less often and in the weekends the schedule is different. Most trams run from 07:00 AM until between 12:30 AM. The tickets can be bought at the GVB Ticket and Info desk or in the tram with the conductor.

Read more about using the tram in the Netherlands.

Planning the use of public transportation

There are some useful apps to download prior your stay in the Netherlands that help planning your journay upon arrival.

Other useful apps to download while in the Netherlands: see them here!

Taxi transfers / private transportation

Accessible Travel Netherlands organizes accessible transfers for people with limited mobility and their travel companions to and from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Transfers can be arranged with a variety of vehicles:

Get more information about these transfers!

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

When visiting the Netherlands by plane you will first encounter Amsterdam Airport. The biggest airport in the Netherlands is called Schiphol Airport and is situated close to Amsterdam. It will take approximately 20 minutes to get from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam city centre by taxi or by train. Schiphol Airport is wheelchair accessible. The Airport offers assistance for people with disabilities, elderly and other people with need for help. In order to get assistance upon arrival or departure, Axxicom Airport Caddy service desk needs to be contacted in advance.

Read more about the accessibility of Schiphol airport!

Mobility equipment hire

Click this link to find all assistive devices you can hire through Accessible Travel Netherlands. You can rent the following equipment:


Accessible Travel NL offer you a wide variety of accessible tours to discover the beautiful landscapes and many entertaining programs of the Netherlands. Are you in the mood for a guided tour, a day at the beach or cheese tasting? Read about all the tours here!

Boat tours

Discovering the Netherlands on the water? It is possible! We offer accessible boat tours in Amsterdam and Rotterdam!

Cycling in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, it is common to go everywhere by bike. There are special needs bikes available for you to provide you the true experience of getting around by bike just like a local.

Bike rental locations:


For cultural experiences, visit one of the plenty accessible museums in the Netherlands! You can even join a Virtual Reality tour in the world-famous Anna Frank House that makes the non-accessible attraction accessible! This tour provides the same experience as co-visitors have, even without climbing the stairs.


Dining in an accessible restaurant in Amsterdam? Find our listing of nice places to have a lunch or dinner here.

Parks & recreation

Having a day trip while visiting the Netherlands is a refreshing experience! Do you want to see the miniature version of the Dutch attractions in Madurodam, go to the fairy tale park of Efteling, admire the tulips in Keukenhof or enjoy the nature of the Hoge Veluwe National Park? We can arrange an accessible day out for you! Check out the offers here!

Hospital & pharmacies

It is useful to know about the hospital and pharmacies nearby to feel prepared and have a carefree holiday. Click this link to see these listed in Amsterdam area.

Accessible Hotels

In order to book a hotel during your stay in the Netherlands, please let us know about your special needs and we will arrange an adapted room for you in the requested city.

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